What is Zero Pro Hero?

Youth/Amateur Footballer development & social media platform based on collecting and analysing performance data using FIFA certified technology. This data is 100% compatible to the professional clubs and federations. As these technologies are costly, minor clubs and people do not have access to empower themselves to work with professional data science. Zero Pro Hero comes to democratize the access to this technology and support the youth and amateur footballers to work and improve themselves as the professionals do!

Therefore they are building a performance science database of aspiring and amateur footballers to supply to professional clubs and national federations a way to improve their scouting relying on science and technology. TRANSPARENCY and a path to a professional football career as never seen before.

How does it work?

Zero Pro Hero delivers the three pillars for an aspiring professional footballer and amatuers, sport science, data science and social media. They use FIFA certified technology to collect and analyse the most important key performance indicators on a physical, tactical and technical level.

Next to be Swiss build tracking vest they use a Danish camera powered by Artificial Intelligence whereas video collection, editing and production are done automatically. To grant access to the latest technology used on the professional level their users only pay to attend a data collection session which is a football match!

Data collection matches have 22 spots (2 teams) and users can buy a spot (ticket) by choosing from their favorite position in order to get their data and video collected, learn about their performance and improve upon this data. 24 hours after the data collection session their users get a full performance report and a link for the full match video and its highlights. Amateur and minor clubs can now afford to work in a much more professional way. Clubs and tournaments can hire our services to get the performance reports and videos just like the professionals!

Team members and roles

Daniel Marques. Founder & CEO.