“The best way to make a video of your vacation rental” We are passionate about
empowering people to make better video.

What is Videocasa.app? How does it work?

Videocasa.app make it easy to create videos of a vacation rental. Their mobile application guide people to select and record good video clip. Their cloud service automatically edits the video to save time. They make it easy to share to rental platforms, maintain over time, and learn how to make better videos.

How did the project start?

The project started as a collaborative video editor, like Google docs for video. The system is built to address problems in user generated content, by using AI video intelligence. A patent has been filed in the US. Initial prototypes were used for music videos. Then they switched to focus their primary use case on the documentation of apartments.


Vacation rental owners lose money when their place is not booked. Video is a powerful marketing tool. Many people can take mobile videos but the quality is too low, and professional videographers are too expensive. There is a need for good videos that document physical spaces at low-cost.


They solve this problem by creating a media workflow that teaches people how to take good videos, automates editing, and streamlines distribution to relevant rental platforms. The cost of their solution is less than a professional production and can be completed in 30 minutes by a motivated user with a smartphone.

Team members and roles

Philip Meier. CEO & CTO
Anna Haudenschild Meier. COO
Alberto Carrasco Camacho. Business Development & Project Manager